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Our factory
Our factory

The Casa Maní, producer of natural cassava starch and modified, is located in Tarabai - SP and focuses on the research and development of products for a range of specialty starches.

We have in our line of products, starches for baking, textiles, embedded and paper industry. Those who know us know that we work always thinking in business partnership with quality and timeliness, to be increasingly known.

The Casa Maní now has a modern industry and a great quality in its starch products, its production capacity is 35 tons of starch per day, they are industrialized 140 tons of cassava root. We always optimal results to customers through investment in the industrial park, Lab restructuring, team professionalism, permanent technological updating and strategic realignment.

Through much effort, work and dedication, the Casa Maní manages to convey quality in its products earning the trust of its customers every day.















Develop, produce and to offer the best and healthiest derived from cassava, providing wellness and consumer's satisfaction.



Being an industry leader in the derivatives of cassava market, recognized worldwide for innovation, creativity and quality.



To us from Casa Mani, value and respect the team, the customers and consumers with honesty and ethics are the foundation of our success. We pursue excellence in our services with compromising and focus on continuous improvement by investing in new technologies in the development process of our products. We believe in sustainable growth where social and environmental responsibility become an important factor in decision making.

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